How to Choose a Web Development Company

Jack Dowes
Rank Maryland
Separating the wood from the pricks

So you need a new website or your old, non-performing site needs updating. If you don’t already have a satisfactory relationship with a web design agency, how do you find the perfect web development partner to develop your online presence of your business?

The more research you do upfront the better. Here are Rank Maryland we do a lot of the hard work for you but researching the perfect match might take a little personal work. Perform Google searches to locate quality local companies if geographic proximity is important to you. Also, there is no substitute for recommendations from people and companies you know and respect. Additionally, you can check for website you like (in your industry or not), find out who developed them and include them on your shortlist. After you have chosen a number of quality web design agencies, now you can prune them down to find your perfect development partner. Here are a few tips to help.

Check out the company website of your prospective agencies. Their own agency site is a great reflection of their design capabilities, technological understanding and UX knowledge. Do you like the overall feel of their site? Is it fully responsive? Does the design aesthetic meet your standards for ease of use? It’s perfectly fine if the site doesn’t fully reflect your own style - a professional web development agency will design your site based on your company’s brand guidelines, not their own. One of the most important requirements is that your site feels truly up to date and is aesthetically pleasing, highly functional, and provides a good UX (user experience). If you need content creation to be included in your website project, focus on the engaging writing and custom images on their website and promotional articles.

More to come soon….